About Fragment Studio

Fragment is a Parisian creative studio founded in 2023 by two friends, Oscar and Romain, driven by an inherent need to create something different.

Driven by passion and the desire to found a platform for limitless creative expression, Fragment Studio is a concept that goes well beyond the product; it is a community bringing together free spirits, from artists to athletes, including the marginalized and the eccentric.

Far from the beaten track of conventional fashion, Fragment Studio draws its inspiration from the fusion of urban culture and the French art of living. A bold blend of style and originality, the studio offers elegantly chaotic jewelry and accessories with an artistic vision in Fragment style.

At Fragment Studio, we strive to embody a truly inclusive and unisex mindset, celebrating the uniqueness of everyone. We pride ourselves on proving that durability and quality are not opposed to creative design and affordability.

Thus, Fragment jewelry is deliberately deconstructed, imperfect and raw, dependent on pure and spontaneous energy. Each scratch, each fragment, each crack, is a reflection of each person's journey, full of imperfections and originality but deeply authentic.